A Spring Honeymoon....

About King Arthur’s Court
Sky Sunlight Saxon may be known best as the King of Garage Rock and the Master of Psy- chedelia but his ability to manifest diverse styles of music to please completely different audiences is awe-inspiring. As neo-tribal music has emerged onto the music scene, many people do not realize that Sky Sunlight has been deeply involved in this style since his days with The Source Family and their family band, YaHoWa 13. With King Arthur’s Court, Sky Sunlight retains his crown as King - claiming his persona as a 21st century King Arthur who is doing battle with his court of musicians using music rather than “the sword.” He does this with an intense belief that music is the universal language that can bring people together and back into the realization of the world’s interconnectedness.

Spontaneous music is at the heart of this tribal psychedelic style of music and Sky Sun- light is blessed with an extraordinary talent of channeling lyrics that speak to the soul and the heart of everyone within hearing distance. He has surrounded himself with a court of mu- sicians, King Arthur’s Court, who wield their instruments with an innate ability to absorb each other’s energies and perform a shamanic, psychedelic tribal sound experience.

King Arthur’s Court’s purpose and hope through this kind of music is to intertwine the ancient and modern positive energy fields, enveloping the musi- cians and the audience as one. Wearing long flowing robes and beautiful feather headbands, illuminated by the psychedelic patterns of their analog Kalirascope , King Arthur’s Court inspires free style dancing with a united emergence of soulful and heartfelt emotions throughout the entire room... and spilling out into the world beyond. From; StarPeaceRecordsX


King Arthur's Court feat. Sky Sunlight Saxon - A Spring Honeymoon with God & Family (+ bonus)
Password (if needed); wws [Link dies 21 april, 2012 ]
King Arthur's Court
Sky Sunlight Saxon