tHe LaBeLs

aRCHIVE recordings (R.I.P.  and that's a goddamn shame.)
Very nice label with awsome releases. Earth, Khanate, Bardo Pond.

Abandon Ship Records recordings
Experimental / Noise / Psychedelic / Ambient Label with Gang Wizard, Starving Weirdos, Queen Elephantine...

Aquarius Recordings
Independent label established in 1970 in Montreal by Terry Flood, Donald Tarlton (Donald K. Donald), Bob Lemm, Jack Lazare and Daniel Lazare. Under Flood's direction as president, Aquarius had issued more than 55 albums by 1990, most the work of Quebec-based anglophone rock artists.

Arclight Records
Arclight Records is a small independent record label based out of Austin, TX whose main agenda is to get records that we love out into the public sphere, to get our artists heard by those who would typically never get the chance, and to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity in an industry where those traits are harder and harder to find as each day passes. Though not a large operation, we've managed to release a wide variety of records since the label's inception in 2003. Many of our bands are based out of the Lone Star State, though not all, and the label's diverse roster is tied together by the philosophy that its music is made out of love, and not out of a lust for fame or fortune. So far, we've had the honor of working with so many excellent bands (friends!), from Freshkills' stark post-punk to Tia Carrera's unbridled stoner-rock to the alt-country of Phonograph, and many, many more.
'Nuff said!

Serving the aggro noise scene for a decade, then quietly dying away... Indie / Garage / Rock

Buzzville Records
Buzzville Records was launched in 2000 by a couple of guys that liked rock ‘n’ roll and worked together at Spin City magazine (at that time the main rock/metal magazine in Belgium). The label-idea had been mentioned a couple of times earlier, most likely after a couple – or (way) more - beers....

Blue Note
The Best jazz label there is!

DNT records
Plankton Wat, Black Pus, Moonmilk go check it out!!! But Be Quick.

Elektrohasch the damn fucking best stuff to blow your mind to nirvana and back. Colour Haze, Rotor.

Ektro Records
You should be making music primarily because you love it. Most everything else is a bonus. If you have fans at all, great. If you can play around your home town, or maybe throughout your country, fantastic. Recording your music should please you first and foremost -- how else could you expect anyone else to get into it? If you do start to become really successful, your troubles will truly begin." -Bruce Duff/Jesters Of Destiny

Small, ambitious and cooperative label for heavy groove, sludge and stoner rock from Eindhoven, NL. Toner Low, Wallrus.

Brings fuzz to the people. Truckfighters, Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra.

Hydrahead Recordings
They got the good stuff. Scissorfight, ISIS, 5ive.

Ipecac Recordings is a record label owned by Mike Patton. Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Mondo Generator.

The Hague's coolest. Orange Sunshine, Panty Boy.

Independent record label from Cologne, Germany. Featuring bands such as Yage, No Knife, Nine Days Wonder.

An imprint unearthing the esoteric, celestial and melancholic. Taking an experimental blueprint along paths untrodden, PARADIGMS pioneers the purest elements of music's darkest parameters, encompassing doomed drone, blackened chamber music, astral evokations, mystic folk, kosmische musik experimentations and eclectic nocturnal songcraft. Each Paradigms release is specially presented and strictly limited.

Profound Lore Records was created to display an artist’s musical vision in the most unique and distinct of manners. No matter the vision, and no matter the style, this is not relevant to us. The artists that converge to encompass the Profound Lore Records roster are artists that harbor a strong integrity within their music. Whether it be presenting an artist’s vision through the traditional CD release, or releasing an artist’s material through a special limited edition vinyl statement, Profound Lore Records is here to serve and adhere to the artist’s vision; to help the artist manifest their vision to the highest plateau possible, no matter how extreme or subtle their aura is. This is a realm where middle ground doesn't exist. Fuck middle ground.

Rise Above Records
Rise Above has been in existence since 1989 and has released around 50 awesome (well we think so!) doom metal and riff rock albums by acts such as Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Sleep and many more. We have been fighting against the tide since day one - this is minority music and largely marginalised by the mainstream - still, we get by and and will continue to slave for the doom cult until the end.

Rocket Recordings is a UK based record label set up in 1998. Recent launches have included limited edition LP's and Cd's by the likes of: Teeth of the Sea / Notorious Hi-Fi Killers / White Hills / Grey Daturas / The Heads / Oneida / Plastic Crimewave Sound / Ufomammut / Residual Echoes / Mammatus / Ocean and many more

Roadburn Records
Awesome label by the same guys as the awesome festival, they got Gomer Pyle, Stone Axe and Wolves in the Throne Room and others...

Sunn O))), Boris, Altar, Khanate, Goatsnake, The Hidden Hand. Do you need more?

Sulatron records
Founded by dave schmidt aka sula bassana in 2004 for just a very short time to release his "dreamer" album.

Setalight.Records is a Berlin based Independent Label and mailorder.
Its a DIY community for musicians, bands, creative people and friends of music.
Our main objective is to be a home for good music from around the world and make it available to everybody.

Sonic Infusion Records
Sonic Infusion Records it's a independent label from Portugal. We search for stoner, psychedelic and experimental rock bands.

A independent record label closely associated with Crass Records and Dischord Records. End Of Level Boss, Shit and Shine.

Stickman Recordings
Stickman Records concentrates on good uncommercial independent rock in the broadest sense of the word. Anekdoten, MOTORPSYCHO.

A hardcore/emo/screamo/label. Wolf Eyes, Lotus Eaters.

TeePee records
Independent Rock label. Bands include The Atomic Bitchwax, Fistful of Rock N' Roll series, Nebula, Core, and Boulder.

Temporary Residence
Nice Post-Rock things from, Mono, Tarentel, Maserati.

Utech Recordings
Micro label with lots of cool CDR releases. The Vulture Club, James Plotkin.